Four Legged Running is a non-profit organization devoted to raising money and awareness for dogs and cats in need, while giving runners the inspiration to run for a cause.

FLR Fundraising

Donate to the directly rescue of the month or purchase FLR apparel (coming soon) and swag to help raise funds.

VIRTUAL Fitness Events

COMING SOON! Virtual races or challenges allow you to work on your goals or race anywhere, anytime, any pace. 




Four Legged Running is a section 501 (c) 3 Non-profit organization.

I started this Four Legged Running in 2015 out of my own combined love for helping animals in need and running for my health. I began running half marathons in 2009 as a personal fitness challenge. In 2011, I joined a race fundraising team and committed to raising money for a local animal rescue. That year I learned how strong the running community is in spirit and motivation not only to finish a race, but to inspire others to run for a reason beyond physical health. I wanted to create a way for you to run AND donate to a cause that is important to you.

Who I Am - Angela the Founder of FLR

I am an exercise enthusiast, running enthusiast, and most of all lover of anything on four legs! I have a master’s degree in Exercise Physiology from Southern Illinois University. I have worked in the health field since 2006 and have loved our four legged friends since 1986 (yes, I was born to love them!). I have a passion for inspiring others to live healthy, happy lifestyles. Two ways that I keep my own heart and mind healthy and happy is through running and supporting animals in need. Fundraising is an amazing way to support any charity so that they can continue to do important work. There are so many dogs and cats in this world that need our help, I know that even just a few dollars can go a long way for so many rescue organizations. 

Because I am passionate about exercise too, I also want to inspire new runners to get started! That's why you will find training schedules from me on this site and work out tips posted to the Facebook page. I can proudly say that through my own enthusiasm for running, I've helped many of my own friends, family, and clients get into running races - from 5k's to marathons! I want that number to continue to grow. So join me in my effort to raise money for our Four Legged friends and to help you become a happier, healthier you! 

FLR Fitraising

Where fitness meets fundraising.

FLR Swag

Coming soon! Purchase FLR swag/ apparel/virtual races to help raise funds for rescues.




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