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This MINI MEDAL CHALLENGE SERIES for 2021 is brought to you by Four Legged Running as we want to bring you a fun NEW way to raise funds for animals in need while becoming more active and healthy along the way. We call this FITRAISING - where fitness meets fundraising.

Setting and meeting health goals can be hard work, but when we have something to help motivate us we can be more successful. So Four Legged Running brings you a cause worth working out for (animals in need) and sets the goals for you too! In this MINI MEDAL CHALLENGE series, you will receive a goal card every month in which you can chart your progress towards the suggested goal. You will also receive a MINI MEDAL (ok it's a charm - but we are runners and we like medals!!) that will be added to a mini race ribbon at the end of each month to commemorate your hard work (ok it's a wrist lanyard key chain, but we are runners and we like our medals!!).


Monthly challenges will alternate between an exercise goal, a healthy eating goal, and a relaxation exercise to focus on improving your overall health. Because when we are healthy and happy, WE CAN HELP MORE ANIMALS! This is a great series for all fitness levels - if you are a beginner it is a great way to ease into healthy goals and slowly progress to a healthier lifestyle. If you are advanced and living your healthiest life, it is a fun way to go above and beyond with these goals in addition to your current routine!

How does this series raise funds?! 
Each month costs $10 to participate - $5 will go to a pre-selected and vetted 501(c)3 non-profit animal rescue organization and the remaining $5 will cover your swag and shipping! 


What swag is included?

  • 1 Mini Medal Ribbon

  • Monthly Mini Medal to attach to your ribbon

  • Monthly Challenge Card with chart for tracking your goals.

  • Mini FLR Permanent Marker for tracking on your chart!

  • Most importantly: $5 of your monthly fee every month will be donated to animals in need!


You can choose a 12, 9, 6, or 3 month MINI MEDAL CHALLENGE series to complete.

What is the cost?
$10 per month, with a one time series payment:
12 Month Challenge = $120
9 Month Challenge = $90
6 Month Challenge = $60
3 Month Challenge = $30


All participants must sign up by December 13th so that we all receive our first month's swag and can get started right away this January! You must purchase the entire series at once as we do not have a monthly processing platform.


*Please note that there will be a processing fee added at checkout.

The Rescues:

January: Endangered Wolf Center - Eureka, MO​

February: The Feral Companion - St. Louis, MO

March: Crown Ridge Tiger Sanctuary - Ste. Genevive, MO 

April: Sterilization Nation - St. Clair County, IL

May: Snooty Giggles - Franklin, TN

June: St. Clair County Animal Welfare Advocates - St. Clair County, IL​

July: Arizona Beagle Rescue - Phoenix, AZ 

August: Texas CARES - Plano, TX​

September: Mutts of the Midway - Chicago, IL​ 

October: Helpers 4 Shelters - Orange County, NY​

November: Helping Animals Without Shelter (HAWS) - Huntsville, AL​

December: Animal Protective Association (APA) - St. Louis, MO 

**Four Legged Running is not liable for any injuries that occur to you or your pet(s) during this challenge series. FLR recommends you consult with your physician before beginning any exercise program. 

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