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Gateway Pet Guardians 2016 - $740

Helping Strays 2016 - $300

Snooty Giggles 2016 - $2,300

Hope Animal Rescues 2016 - $600

Mighty Mutts and Ollie's Place 2016- $540 

Pima Paws for Life 2016 - $360

Gateway Pet Guardians 2017 - $360

Belleville Area Humane Society 2017 - $470

Snooty Giggles 2017 - $1,320

Five Acres Animal Shelter 2017 - $400

Helpers 4 Shelters 2017 - $100

Mighty Mutts and Ollie's Place 2017 - $120

FLR Inaugural Half Marathon and 5k - $4,140

Arizona Beagle Rescue 2017 - $600

Gateway Pet Guardians 2018 - $280

Belleville Area Humane Society 2018 - $190

Snooty Giggles 2018 - $550

Five Acres Animal Shelter 2018 - $220.00

Texas Cares Cat Adoption and Rescue 2018 -$230.00

APA Adoption Center 2018 - $240.00

Animal House Cat Rescue and Adoption Center 2018 - $240.00

Mighty Mutts and Ollie's Place 2018 - $220.00

St. Clair County Animal Welfare Advocates 2018 - $220.00

Arizona Beagle Rescue 2018 - $320.00

Endangered Wolf Center 2018 - $520.00

FLR Half Marathon, 5k, and Dog Mile 2018 - $4,720.00

Have a Heart Dog Rescue and Adoption 2019 - $300.00

Wildlife Rescue Virtual Race - $560.00

FLR Half Marathon, 5k, and Dog Mile 2019 - $6,700.00

FLR Half Marathon, 5k, and Dog Mile 2020 - $4,000.00

2021 FLR Fitraising Challenge (12 different rescues, $400 each) - $4,800

2022 FLR 5k Sponsored by Furchild - $2,000.00

Grand total raised for rescues since 2015:  $38,660.00


Here you will find links to websites of past, present, and future rescues that Four Legged Running has or is hosting a virtual race for.

Since Four Legged Running races are virtual, you can run for rescues anywhere! This is your opportunity to help rescue animals all over the US.

Animal House Cat Rescue and Adoption Center - St. Louis, MO

APA Adoption Center - St. Louis, MO

Arizona Beagle Rescue - Phoenix, AZ

Belleville Area Humane Society - Belleville, IL

"Thanks so much, Angela for all you do for shelters and rescues. That is an amazing way to give back by combining your running passion with animals in need. Thanks for your continued advocacy and generosity. You are exactly what animal welfare needs!" -Katie, Executive Director at Belleville Area Humane Society

Cedar Cove Feline Conservatory and Education Center - Louisburg, KS

Crown Ridge Tiger Sanctuary - Ste. Genevieve, MO

Endangered Wolf Center - Eureka, MO

Five Acres Animal Shelter - St. Charles, MO

Gateway Pet Guardians - St. Louis, MO 

       "When Angela first approached me about Four Legged Running, I had no idea what she was talking about. Then after she explained all the details to me and our organization. I thought this is pretty cool and I'm not even a runner. I mean who wouldn't want to be able to sign up for a virtual race? You get to pick the place, the time, the route, the distance, if you walk or run, you can even do it with your Pup! Then to top it off the a portion of the money spent to sign up is given to Gateway Pet Guardians and you get a medal and tshirt. We only had a handful of people sign up but made over $700 and that was our first go at this. We cannot wait to have more virtual races with Four Legged Running and see the amount it raises for us! Angela is a pleasure to work on top of it all."  -Brittany, Head of Fundraising at Gateway Pet Guardians

Have a Heart Dog Rescue and Adoption - Chicago, IL

Helping Animals Without Shelter - Huntsville, AL

Helping Strays - Waterloo, IL 

Helpers 4 Shelters - Middletown, NY

Hope Animal Rescues - Godfrey, IL

Idaho Black Bear Rehabilitation - Garden City, ID

Mighty Mutts and Ollie's Place - New York, NY

Mutts of the Midway - Chicago, IL

Pima Paws for Life - Tucson, AZ

Snooty Giggles - Franklin, TN 

      "Just can't give Four Legged Running enough praise!!!!! Angela, I am so impressed at how dedicated you were to making sure out virtual run was a success!!!! And showing up to walk with us, well, that was just icing on the cake!!!! Any shelters or rescues out there considering a virtual run as a fundraiser, I highly recommend working with Four Legged Running!!! It was a great experience and a big success!!!!" - Shawn, Founder of Snooty Giggles

St. Clair County Animal Welfare Advocates - Shiloh, IL

Sterilization Nation - St. Clair County, IL

Texas Cares Cat Adoption and Rescue - Plano, TX

The Feral Companion - St. Louis, MO

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