Half Marathon participants must be at least 14 years of age by race day.

5k participants must be at least 14 years of age by race day.

Wheelchair participants are asked to wear a helmet for the entire race and try to stay to the right side of the road. Wheelchair participants will start race at 7:25am.

No refunds issued unless the race is canceled at the fault of Four Legged Running.

Strollers are prohibited.

Pets are prohibited on the half marathon and 5k race course. This is for the safety of both two legged and four legged runners. If you have your pet on the course, you will be asked not to participate. Please remember this race is FOR the rescues not WITH the rescues. You will have an opportunity to meet some rescue animals at the end of the race as local rescues will be present with some of their adoptable pets. Your pet(s) may come with a spectator as long as they remain on a leash at all times and are cleaned up after. You must bring your own doggy do-do bags. If your pets do not get along well with other animals, please keep them at a safe distance from others and from the rescue animals present at the finish line. If your pet is very well behaved and loves other animals, please respect that this is not true of every dog present. Do not approach others who have dogs or the rescue animals unless they have told you it is safe to do so.

Weather Policy: 

Race director has the authority to cancel or delay the race due to extreme weather conditions. The race may be canceled or cut short due to weather, should the event begin, but weather worsens during the course. In the event of weather cancelation, there will be no refunds.

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